Frequently Asked Questions


Ans.- SMS JOB ONLINE is sister concern of XMedia Europe one of the biggest brand promotion agency. We(SMS Job Online) are working in partnership with them to create and make a trustworthy panel for promotion, and to give panelist some reward for the work. Maybe you know but many western countries already did this.  We are paying you rewards for giving us trustworthy targeted panelist.  

Q.2- What is SMS Promotion Job?

Ans.- As you know presently many companies doing SMS promotion For their Brand/Product/Services etc. to unknown mobile numbers they are investing very big amount on this type of promotion (200 Billion Dollar per year industry). SMS job online which is in partnership with XMedia Europe making a user-base of trustworthy and real persons. So that company gets an accurate and much better response from their investment and our user also make some good income.

Q.3- Is it real and Genuine?

Ans.- Yes, it’s 100% real and authenticated, The website is guaranteed 10000$ please click at the bottom “COMODO SECURE” to verify. We are paying very fair and minimum amount as per industry standard, That's why you surely get paid all your earnings from here. 

Q.4- Is there any Joining Fees?

Ans. Joining SMS Promotion Job is 100% Free for all. 

Q.5- How to create my FREE account?


Ans.- Free account creation is very simple process it will not take more than 5 Minute to create a free account and start earning. Go to this link to create a free account

Q.6- What I need to do in this Job?

Ans.- For now, we are building the user base of real and good Panelist. So in this job you need to build your team, You and your team make money for you for life. You need to promote your personal joining link and introduced as many persons as you can. You can send SMS from our website to anyone from the pre-written template, To send free SMS please visit

Q.7-  How to get more referral I don’t have contacts?

Ans. There are many ways to get free referrals You can post classified Ads, Share your link on WhatsApp, Comment on youtube videos, Make some intro youtube video, or you can search contacts on job forums etc.. These are just a few examples but you can use your idea and get a lot of free referrals.

Q.8- What is the SMS Job timings and can I work after that?

Ans.- As per Gov of India policy Promotional SMS from commercial route allowed between 9 AM to 9 PM so you can send SMS as per that, But this policy only applies on the commercial route you can send personal SMS or you can send on Whatsapp, facebook, twitter, youtube, forums anytime anywhere.

Q.9- How to Withdraw/Payout my earnings?

Ans.- We have many payment methods you can use to withdraw your earnings from SMS Job-like Bank Transfer, Paytm, Mobile Recharge, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney etc..

Q.10- What benefits I get as a  FREE Member?

Ans. As a Free Member, you will get following Benefits

(a) 50 SMS per day to send from the website with the company name(SMSJOB). 

(b) Your personal Members Area.

(c) You will get 2/-Rs For every free referral. 

(d) 500/- Rs Referral commission for every Premium Member. 

You can check how much you can earn as a free member here

Q.11- What benefits I get as a Premium Member?

Ans.- As a Premium Member you will get following Benefits

(a) 200 SMS per day to send from the website with company name(SMSJOB). 

(b) Your personal  Premium Members Area.

(c) As a Premium Member, you will get 10/- Rs for every free referral.

(c) 500/- Rs Referral commission for every Premium Member. 

(d) 50/-  Rs whenever anyone in your downline become premium no matter it’s your referral or any others.

(e) You will get 5% income from your direct referral income per Month Lifetime. 

(f)  Offer every month to achieve and get lots of free gifts like Cash Reward, Mobile, Laptop, Bike, Car etc…

You can check here how much you can make as a Premium Member

Q.12- How to Become Premium Member?

Ans.- If you like our services and want to get more and full benefits You can become Premium Member by paying 5000/- Rs.  and avail all benefits of Premium member.