AD Posting Job


Work To Fix Advertisement On Various Classifieds Websites, Blogs And Forums

Full-Time and Part-Time Remote Positions For Online Ad-Publisher

Thank you for your interest in applying for an at-home online Ad-poster position. We hire part-time and full-time Ad-posters who demonstrate excellent advertisement publishing skills.

With the ever-increasing advancement in technology and fact that businesses all around the globe are desperately willing to appear online. The number of web portals is going bigger and bigger. Now the issue arises is about publicizing those websites/portals by making a proper advertisement.

The conventional methods of online advertising are smaller and very costly as well. Now outsourcing remains the only solution for cutting down the cost of advertising and thus you are getting this chance by our Ad Posting Job.

Advertisement posting is said in short form as Ad posting. The name establishes cent percent ad posting work. The fascinating part, as to how our ad posting work is much better than rest of the Ad posting jobs on online, is that we offer cent percent authentic ad posting works & earning opportunity is higher and flexibility of the work is very much trouble free. 

Present day, there are plenty of online marketing companies as Adsense Adbrite, Azogle, Yahoo etc, they are providing earning an opportunity to you when someone hits the ads or buy the product or service. The business program or service whichever advertised on the internet.

We have no any special requirement just keep it in mind, that you cannot post an ad in the subdomain and you are not a part of that same company or more than a single website. You could create only one user id (email) for single month work. And post your ad only on the registered websites; do not use the website, which is not registered by you.

Sound appealing? If you have a good professional background in project management, an interest in learning new skills, & a stable home-office environment we'd love to hear from you.

Requirements- Basic knowledge of Internet

Age- 15 Years and up  

Language- Hindi, and English

Other- You should have a Smart Phone or Laptop.

Income- 2/-Rs to 5/- Rs for every ad post.